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Custom Color OrdersUpdated a year ago

Custom Color to Customize your Ride!

Here at Thumper Fab we LOVE adding some color accents to match our rides and make them our own. The sky is the limit with colors and here are some great options and places to start!

We use Prismatic Powders for our Custom Color orders. After your custom color order is placed, we will contact you to select your color and make sure we get the color you choose! You can check out some popular colors for your ride HERE and even order FREE SAMPLES!! 

We highly recommend ordering some free samples and checking them out to see if they match your color scheme on your ride. After you have chosen that perfect color, be sure to let us know the color name and color code to make sure we get the right one! You can simply reply to the email we send asking for color confirmation. 

**Custom Colors that require additional base layers or top coats**
You will notice that some prismatic colors (for example: Illusion Colors) will require additional base layers or top coats to achieve the desired effect. Each additional base layer or top coat will require additional custom color charges for each layer that must be added. (See image below) Please contact us prior to ordering and we can help determine the pricing for the color selected. 


Also, it is impossible for us to exactly match an Illusion color or custom color that requires multiple layers and has already been done. For example, if you are wanting an Illusion Blueberry (like the one above) all parts that you are wanting to have done would need to be ordered and done at the same time in order for them to match. Colors with multiple layers are difficult to match if ordered separately. 

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