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Thumper Fab SEND IT Warranty for Ball JointsUpdated 10 months ago

What is the Thumper Fab SEND IT Warranty?

    • You SEND IT, We SEND IT 
    • Advanced Replacement
    • Take a picture, SEND IT to us (no need to send the damaged ball joint back) We SEND IT to you!

This is not one of those "No Questions Asked Warranty". We are definelty going to ask, "was it fun and did you get that on video?" No, for real, if you got it on video, we would love to see it! 🎥  After that we just need to get you verified and fixed up with a new one!

Each Thumper Fab Ball Joint that is sold comes with our SEND IT Warranty for the original purchaser. This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship, premature wear or breakage. Bash it, crash it, race it, jump it, lift it, SEND IT! We don't care! If you can break it, we get a completely new one and SEND IT to ya! 

We want to ensure that all our customers are taken care of no matter what! We want to be out on the trail having fun and not afraid to SEND IT every once in awhile! 

Frequently Asked Questions

 How does the Ball Joint SEND IT Warranty process work?

  1. Contact us using the Warranty Claim Form
  2. Provide pictures of the broken ball joint. 
  3. Upload original purchase receipt
  4. A flat fee for shipping & handling of $39 for each replacement
  5. Boom, we get a complete & NEW replacement and SEND IT to ya!

How do I get the SEND IT Warranty?

Simple. Purchase directly through one of our Authorized Dealers or directly at 

What is and is not covered?

The SEND IT Warranty covers product replacement only; labor to install the parts is the responsibility of the purchaser. The warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation. We advise that you work with our authorized dealers for professional installation. 

So you just replace it, and I don’t have to send it back!? What’s the catch?

No catch. It’s that easy. We want you to have confidence on the trail to have fun! Crash it, bash it , race it, lift it, SEND IT. Even if you forget to grease or properly maintain it, we give you a replacement to get it right next time!

Are there limits to the number of replacements?

Yes. You may only obtain one replacement of the same purchased item within two years after purchase. 

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